Kat eats local


Was at Fiesta Farms this evening and spotted (and grabbed) these frozen sour cherries from Nudefruit, a brand I’d never seen before. Perhaps it’s new? The fruit is 100% Canadian, no sugar added and mostly Ontario grown.

They were already sold out of blueberries and raspberries – no surprise, since they’ve got them on sale for $3.99 (from $4.99), way cheaper than other brands of frozen berries. I love frozen cherries as a dessert-like snack and in smoothies.

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Oops – forgot to blog the past few months. A long vacation turned into a very busy winter. But now that it’s spring, and beautiful and inspiring outside, I think it’s time to get back on the wagon.

Of course, in Ontario, spring doesn’t exactly mean fresh food. It’ll be a while yet until we have fresh asparagus and strawberries. But I managed to get to the Green Barns market this morning to pick up some local foods, even if they aren’t springlike exactly.

In the picture (taken with Instagram): maple syrup, honey, eggs, four (!) kinds of sheep and goat cheese, crackers, apples and spinach. I would have bought more but I was out of cash and space in my bag. Next time!

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I’ve written before about my CSA shares in Monforte Cheese, a local cheese-making company that used a CSA program to raise funds to build their own space. Well, they’ve just announced they’re selling another round of shares between now and December 31:

This second round of offerings is a means to continue development in the production of cheese, but also our goal of strengthening our local food infrastructure through a number of different means (production, education and innovation).

Three levels of investment are available, starting at $200. Find out more on Monforte’s website.

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