Kat eats local

Easy rhubarb gin and tonic


After a gorgeous morning in Prince Edward County for the Terroir Run, we decided to head back to Toronto via the country roads instead of the soul-sucking 401. One perk to this? Farmstand rhubarb (and asparagus, and eggs), which had me thinking gin and tonic as soon as I got home.

Not one to cook two things when one will do, I decided to forgo a fancy simple syrup and go straight to compote. It’s super easy to make: just wash and chop the rhubarb (1-inch-ish chunks, depending on the thickness), add a bit of water and some sugar to taste, bring to the boil, and simmer until tender.

When you get to the stage where you want your cocktail *now*, just scoop out some of the liquid (don’t worry about chunks of fruit – think of them as a garnish) and mix to taste with ice, tonic water and your favourite gin. (I used Fever-Tree and Vor gin that I picked up in Iceland earlier this week.) The compote that remains tastes great with plain yogurt and pistachios for breakfast or folded with lightly sweetened whipped cream and meringue chunks, for dessert.