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Roasted strawberries with balsamic and black pepper

tumblr_mo5i9bOi5g1qlqemwo1_500I have a friend from Colombia who commented once on how much Canadians love their fresh ground black pepper. Funny – what I see as normal, he sees as a Canadian thing. I guess that’s how it goes. Since that discussion, years ago now, I’ve paid more attention to pepper, and now that I’m conscious of its presence, I find I love it even more. So when I was browsing for a quick recipe to make with the season’s first pint of strawberries and I stumbled upon this gem from Epicurious, I couldn’t help but try it out, served with plain yogurt rather than mascarpone or ice cream.

It’s a perfect recipe, really: simple and easy to adjust, and yet with a flavour twist that many people will find unusual. Balsamic vinegar on strawberries is probably more common – in fact, I’m looking forward to trying out the People’s Pops recipe for popsicles of that flavour. Black pepper, though, is less so. As you can tell from the comments on the site, this flavour combination is a love-hate thing. I’m on the love side of the spectrum.